Spring Sched

Spring 2022 Classes

Options for all ages, levels and abilities.

Class Descriptions

Youth Classes

Creative Movement uses imagination, props, and music for fun creative expression for kids in early childhood (ages 3 through 6)

Youth Modern teaches the staples of modern dance technique with additional elements of jazz and ballet for youth ages 7 through 14.

Adult Classes

Modern Dance is offered at Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced levels. Classes use techniques from Modern, Jazz and Ballet to develop balanced, safe, and expressive dance.
Ballet Basics teaches the foundational techniques of ballet in a relaxed, welcoming environment.                                                                                                                                                Rise and Shine is for morning movement to awaken the mind and body for the day

Movement for All

Movement for all incorporates inclusive teaching styles to encourage the unique movement possibilities in all bodies. This class is intended for all types of movers, including those with and without physical disabilities, mobility restrictions, or limited movement.

Adaptive Dance

Adaptive Dance is dance and Creative Movement specifically for individuals with special needs and developmental disabilities.

Click here to enroll in Adaptive classes.


What are the Session Dates?
September 14 through November 21
We will be holding classes on all federal holidays this session.


What is Modern Dance?
Modern Dance was developed in the early 20th century as a countercultural response to formal practice of ballet. Since then, modern dance has taken many forms and split into many schools; the type of modern that we teach is influenced by the training of our teachers and generally include: releasing into the floor for easy and safe floor work, practicing spinal flexibility and strength through the head/tail connection. Our Modern Fusion classes also include elements of ballet and jazz to create a well rounded technical base for all students.
What should I/my student wear for dance class?
We recommend wearing something that allows you to move freely and comfortably – some suggestions are athletic wear, leggings, t-shirt, leotards. You can feel free to bring layers to help keep you warm. There are no street shoes allowed on the dance floor unless you have communicated beforehand about a medical or personal need. Modern – You can wear socks in class but be aware that your teacher may ask you to take them off for some exercises. Ballet – Feel free to wear ballet or jazz shoes, foot undies, or socks for Ballet Basics.

Plan on having your hair up and out of your face (ponytails and braids work great). Occasionally in Modern, hair will get messy because of floor work so don’t feel like you need to spend too much time getting every hair in place. For Ballet, please wear a hairstyle that leaves your neck clearly visible, like a bun or twist.

What Level Class should I register for?
For questions about which class level you or your student is best suited for, please click here. Please contact us for any questions.
Please note: we reserve the right to change class arrangements depending on enrollment numbers and to ensure the safety of all participants.


What is the difference between monthly and full session payments?
We offer two payment schedules – either monthly or for the full session. Full session payments are made before classes start whereas monthly payments are posted and due each month during the class session. You can select which schedule you prefer during your registration and you can also change your preference online through the Customer Portal. If you do not specify, your tuition will default to being posted monthly.
Do you do automatic payments?
Yes! If you would like your account to be charged automatically, please enter your card information when you register. Please note: When you enter your credit card information on the registration page, you are providing your account information to be charged according to the payment schedule that you select.
Do you offer financial assistance?
Yes! We offer unlimited, non-competitive financial aid to any families in need. To learn more, click here.

Online Learning

How many people will be in my class?
We are requiring a minimum class enrollment of 5 in order to continue class. Some classes may be consolidated or combined if enrollment is too low.
Our in-person class size is limited to 10 participants and in-person classes will be filled on a first-come first-serve basis.
If we have a large number of students enrolled, we may teach in-person classes on a rotating basis (i.e. group 1 will take in-person class on odd weeks, group 2 will take in-person class on even weeks).
How do I sign up for an in-person vs. an online class?
If you are enrolling a new student, while you are filling out student information on our registration form, it will ask you if you are going to be taking class online or in person. You can indicate your preference there.
If you are enrolling a returning student, you will be prompted to fill in student information in the parent portal to indicate if you are taking class online or in person.
Can I switch between an in-person and online class?
You can opt to take class online at any time, but please communicate this to your instructor first.
Because of our limited class numbers, we ask that you talk with your instructor if you are interested in switching from online to in-person classes.
How do I access my online classes?
We will send an e-mail before the start of class with the Zoom link we will be using for your class. We recommend that you bookmark this link for ease of future access. You will be prompted to make a Zoom login in order to participate.
This Zoom link will also be available in the Customer Portal under the “Classes” tab.
All participants will receive a Zoom link for a class, whether they are signed up for in-person or online classes.


What sanitization precautions are you taking in response to COVID-19?
In order to ensure the safety of our community during COVID-19, we have taken the following safety precautions for our studio:
Staggering entrance times and using doors directly into the studio to limit congregation in the waiting room and lobby areas.
Taking temperatures, doing symptom checks and requiring hand washing or sanitizing upon student/teacher entrance.
Requiring all instructors and students to wear masks and facial coverings at all times.
Marking out the space at 8 ft intervals to ensure social distancing is maintained.
Mopping the studio floor in between all classes with sanitizing solutions.
Offering all classes on Zoom so students always have the option to participate remotely.
If you have any further questions about how we are addressing the cleanliness or safety of our studio, please call (406)422-0830 or e-mail
How will you respond if a student or instructor tests positive for COVID-19?
If any of the participants in our classes test positive for COVID-19, we ask that they immediately inform us so we can let everyone know to get tested and self-isolate. Those who are isolating are encouraged to take classes online, and if we need to, we will switch to a fully online class session.