Long Distance Cohesion

Long Distance Cohesion is a collection of online resources including short combinations, exercises, adaptive movement and choreographic assignments for folks who are moving from home or in isolation.

We are working to make as many movement resources available during this time with suggestions on how to adapt and modify for all bodies and all environments. Please reach out if you have any suggestions, questions, or feedback!

NEW! Additional Online Resources

There is an abundance of online resources available to support dancers, movers and artists. Please feel free to check out a list of additional resources we have compiled here and don't hesitate to reach out with questions or suggestions!

Video Playlist

Video Gallery

Multi-Level (Beginner Friendly)

Stretch Session

Painting Improvisation

Seated Combo 1

Seated Combo 2

Intermediate/Advanced (Technical Background Highly Recommended)

Lower Body Combo

Core and Balance

Short Floor Combo

Video Playlist

Video Gallery


Painting Improvisation

Orange Dance

Choreography Challenge 1

Site Specific Dance

Choreography Challenge 2

Chance Choreography

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