Online Session 2020

In lieu of in-person classes this spring, we are hosting a six-week session of live online technique classes via Zoom from April 6 - May 22.

  • Each class meets two or more times a week. Archived videos will be available to class participants (students must be enrolled to receive access to class videos).
  • Since we cannot provide the individualized attention and in-person feedback we value in our classes, we are offering this 6-week session on a sliding scale, asking that you pay what you can towards our teaching costs.
  • Schedule is based on what we think will work best for our community; times and classes may shift depending on participant preference/availability and enrollment demands. Minimum enrollment is needed to continue classes.
  • Classes will culminate in an option remote recital (details to come)

Online Classes FAQs

How is this session different from your free online resources?

Our free movement resources offer generalized movement that does not necessarily provide any technical training. This session of classes is specifically designed for students who are looking to work on their dance technique, including alignment, strength, and flexibility, from home. These classes also provide an opportunity for community, inviting engagement between participants and with instructors via the Zoom platform.

If I was already registered for Spring classes, do I need to pay again?

If you were already registered for classes in the Spring of 2020, any amount that you paid towards the last 6 weeks of tuition can be used to pay for this session of classes. If you have any questions about your class credit or if you wish to donate your credit to Cohesion, please contact Julynn.

What applications do I need to download to participate in classes?

We will be using Dropbox to store and share our class videos and we will be using Zoom to host our live classes. You do not need to download Dropbox to access the video archive, but you will need to create a Zoom account to participate in live classes. Zoom is free to download and use for classes. You can create your Zoom account at

I do not want my/my child’s video used for promotional purposes or distributed on the internet. Can I/my child still take class?

We are filming our videos as a tool for class participants who might not be able to join every class or for participants who might want to visit a class at a later date. We will not be publishing or distributing these videos to the public. If you are very uncomfortable with having your video taken, please contact us. We are asking that participants take class with their webcam on so instructors can provide feedback on safe technical execution but we will work with you to come up with a solution that respects your privacy.

I was registered in Adaptive Dance which did not have a tuition cost. Do I need to pay for this online class?

Unfortunately, our grant coverage of our Adaptive Dance classes cannot cover the online Creative Movement class we are recommending for participants from our Adaptive classes but please, please reach out to us before you decide not to take class. We will absolutely work with you to come up with an alternative tuition plan.