Excerpts of Resonance - May 11th in Helena

Saturday, May 11 at 5 and 7:30 PM at Cohesion Center for Dance & the Arts. Tickets are $15 online presale or at the door (presale recommended as seating is limited)

Resonance Press and Media Kit

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Resonance Master Class/Auditions

We are holding a master class featuring contemporary choreography from "Resonance." Master Classes will be held in both Great Falls and Missoula. For more information and to register, click below.

Premiered at the Myrna Loy Center in Helena, MT in 2018, Resonance is a multi-faceted production that includes:

  • An evening-length performance of dance, music, poetry, painting & sculpture touring to venues across Montana
  • A school outreach residency that brings poetry, painting, and music & dance composition to students in touring and surrounding rural communities
  • A community master class bringing dancers around the state a modern-based class featuring original choreography from Resonance

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One of the underlying themes of Resonance~ an evening of Art Inspiring Art is that one art medium can inspire creation in another art medium. We challenged our artists to contribute original pieces of work inspired by other aspects of the project being created. The idea was that then it might facilitate or inspire them to create new work beyond just Resonance, creating a ripple effect of art inspiring art, inspiring their network of supporters and audiences to reach outside of their comfort zones and try something new.

We have translated this idea into our school residency program where we work with the school kids and introduce them to the various art mediums that were incorporated into this project like visual art and painting, creative writing and poetry, movement creation and sound composition to help them see how creating in one art medium can inspire creation in another art medium.

The evening length production of Resonance is a really exciting performance. It incorporates the sculptures along with poetry and spoken word, visual art projected on the screen, live music, original compositions, as well as original choreography and dancing by eleven professional and community dancers.

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School Arts Residencies

Leading students in the creation of original music, movement, visual art and poetry

Community Master Classes

Offering modern-based master class featuring choreography from Resonance

Photos by Nicole Stroman Photography

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Collaborating artists for our 2018 production include:

  • Nationally recognized Metal Sculpture and Clay Artist - Richard Swanson
  • Best-selling Author, Photographer, and Poet - Tyler Knott Gregson
  • Visiting Percussionist/Dance Accompanist - J Stuart Smith
  • Accomplished local Violinist - Matt Bugni
  • Visual Artists - Matt Plaumann and Nicole Woody
  • Cohesion Artist-in-Residence - Amber Moon Peterson
  • Additional Choreography by Julynn Wilderson and Tanya Call
  • And local and state-wide dancers
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