Rhythm Dancers

Rhythm Dancers



Cohesion Dance Project's RD - Rhythmic Fusion kicks off the Myrna Loy Center's Summer Series in early June, showcasing a variety of exciting local dance groups and live musicians coming together for one night only.

This unique performance features an eclectic selection of energizing dance styles and live music from across the Helena community. Featuring groups such as Image Dancing, Last Chance Belly Dance, Premiere Dance Company, Tiernan Irish Dancers, Desert Divas, Cohesion Dance Project, and local choreographers performing styles including hip hop, tap, belly dance, jazz, Irish, breakdance, and contemporary.

Tickets are available through the Myrna Loy Box Office at 406-443-0287 or online at www.myrnaloycenter.com.

Several dancers in bright red, blue, and yellow dresses perform on stage, reaching their arms in opposition with their bodies and heads facing the side.
A stage is filled with dancers dressed head to toe in black ninja outfits with red accent ties. Some of the dancers in the back are liftin others over their heads.
Four belly dancers with bright and colorful skirts hold their skirts on one side with their backs to the audience.
A trip of musicans playing a stand up bass, guitar, and violin perform around a lone microphone
A group of tap dancers wearing white button down shirts and black dress pants have one hand on their hip and the other shimmying in the air as they perform